Catherine Fleming began singing jazz while playing saxophone with her High School big band, performing with James Morrison, Bobby Shew and Maynard Ferguson. Since then, she has been a backing and studio vocalist. In 2002, Catherine started gypsy swing trio Da Vinci’s Line, playing regularly at Sydney clubs and festivals and shortlisted for MusicOz songwriting awards in 2005.

In 2006, Catherine began a vocal and guitar duo playing residencies at Jazushi, Artichoke Café and Iguana Waterfront bar. Once again, she was shortlisted at MusicOz songwriting awards 2008. Catherine is currently performing in various clubs throughout Nagoya, Japan with numerous fine musicians.

オーストラリア出身。高校時代ビッグバンドでジャズヴォーカルとサックスを始め、James Morrison、Bobby Shew、Maynard Fergusonなどと共演。卒業後はスタジオヴォーカリストとして活動し、2002年
ジプシー・スイング・トリオ「Da Vinci’s Line」を結成し、シドニーのクラブやフェスティバルなどで活動。2005年と2008年にはMusic Oz 作曲賞最終選考に残る。現在は名古屋のジャズクラブやバーを中心に活動。